Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ecig,whats that?

Few of my friends started smoking ecigs (electronic cigarette) and i find it kinda interesting too,its like 85% cheaper than smoking and after i tried it,it also feels like smoking a real cigarette but theres no harms of real cig at all,seriously,it doesnt smell so it can be smoked inside your own room/house,you can get it in different tastes like RedBull,Apple,cherry etc.
i suggest you guys to try it out too,im gonna order mine next month 5th day.
Ill let you know more info then about ecig ;)
ps.theres liquids WITH nicotine and WITHOUT nicotine,INTRADESTING :O.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I havnt been writing much since i actually fucked up my atkinsons by drinking few beers with friends,but after few days ill be starting it again and also try to stop smoking which will be pretty hard.
Nothing much happened in last few days,school started and so on..
dont feel like writing much now because been up for like +35 hours and feel pretty tired,gonna write again after i slept.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


didnt feel much difference to friday in the morning,A bit headach and still felt weak,might be caused by hangover tho so cant say for sure.
Still on my friends house and gonna today,watched CLG (Counter logic gaming) and TSM (Team SoloMid) match tonight bout whos gonna go to play in china and of course CLG won! ;)
nothing much now,getting back to you in night!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Second morning

Actually i started Atkins day before yesterday,Yesterday morning didnt actually feel any difference but today im suffering from slight headach and feeling kinda weak but i expected that i felt a bit worse since its still my first week and they say first and second weeks are worst and then gonna feel alot better but we will see!
Today im gonna leave the town to see my friend and dont know if im able to write much this weekend but ill get back to you guys in sunday!
Enjoy the weekend
ps. I just had a flashback and i just have to get my 8bit from the basement and play some good games ;P

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I will write here about my life,interests and i will also begin Atkins diet today and share my feelings to everyone reading the blog.
I never before tried any diet but this one seems to be awesome,youll never have to be hungry and eat much as you want to,just stay really low on carbs,Ill go to gym almost daily but i want to get rid of the fat,pure muscle babe ;)
Im interested about gaming and at the moment playing mostly League of Legends,i love listening music and doing stuff with friends. :]