Saturday, August 20, 2011


I havnt been writing much since i actually fucked up my atkinsons by drinking few beers with friends,but after few days ill be starting it again and also try to stop smoking which will be pretty hard.
Nothing much happened in last few days,school started and so on..
dont feel like writing much now because been up for like +35 hours and feel pretty tired,gonna write again after i slept.


Linux and Life said...

carb depletion will make you really tired. I myself think this diet is not healthy, the only thing you need to reduce is not carbs in general but sugar (fructose) specifically. The Japanese diet (high carb and low fat) works well in losing fat too. The problem is the sugar, not the carbs.

SingSouthWind said...

Low carb diet only makes you tired for first few days,after 2 weeks you will feel better than you actually felt before atkins,and it still burns fat,I dont know so much about this japanese diet so cant really say nuffing bout it.
Keep training your back ;)

smiley361 said...

interesting :D