Sunday, September 4, 2011

AtkinsDiet Take two!

So today i started my atkins again and this time i aint gonna fawk it up :P
Also tomorrow i will be ordering the ecig and i chose model already,there it is, im gonna order liquids in taste of RedBull,Coffee and just basic marlboro.
Not much else today,you can ask me any tips for atkins and how does it feel like closer look,I WILL BE RESPONDING, i will anyways be updating it daily if im able to.
Enjoying the last few warm days of summer so going to do some professional chilling with friends.

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Ryodo said...

Good luck, keep it up! Follow.

SQ said...

How does it works, anyway?

SingSouthWind said...

Basicly you drop your carbohydrates to 20 each day (this number can be different since its pretty much personal,but 20 is good for me) And you start to lose weight,simple as that,but there is of course a explanation WHY you lose weight but im not talented enough to write it in english :P
Wikipedia is a friend tho. :P

Geojour said...

I just got a bike, and plan on incorporating the basic premise of the atkins diet into my routine. I will, of course, allow for pork rinds.

Anonymous said...


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