Friday, September 16, 2011

Rest In Peace Az Sergeyevich AKA Zyzz

I know this is late and i was thinking about writing this earlier but wasnt sure if it was troll or not so im going to do it now.
Zyzz was my inspiration from the first time i saw his videos on youtube and will always be on my mind first when im working out on gym,HE made me to lose weight years ago and make my life alot more healthier,i believe he helped many with just being what he is.
I dont want anyone to come and dislike him on here so please,dont bother to comment anything negative because it will be deleted when i see it.
REST IN PEACE Son of Zeus, brother of Hercules, and father of aesthetics.


Candle said...

"Son of Zeus" LOL!!!
If the son of zeus died, he gone to the olymp!
Rest in peace :]

SingSouthWind said...

Thats where went ;)

Luce said...

It's always sad to know that someone died, how did this happen?

SingSouthWind said...

He died in sauna in Thailand,they say it happened because of drugs among with other stuff but anyways,the combination was deadly with sauna.

Anonymous said...

those poses are fuckin awesome, im gonna have to copy them.

Anonymous said...

He was a inspiration to all, I never knew of until about 1 month before he died, I watched every single video off his youtube, simply inspiration, R.I.P Son Of Zeus.